The Pill bug

Name: Pill bug

Scientific name: Armadillidum vulgare

Where I found it: I (Vanessa) found this bug with Blaze under a rock next to the Grotto and at the time, we were not sure if it was a seed or a bug as it quickly rolled up in a ball because it thought we were predators.


This bug curls up in a ball when it is scared and looks like some sort of seed so it has a good way of protecting itself. The pill bug lives in damp, dark locations and if it goes inside a building it will dry out and die. I found my bug under a rock in a damp location and it is known to like to live in organic garbage. These bugs eat rotting vegetation like vegetables. This bug does not spread diseases and surprisingly doesn’t contaminate food. An interesting fact about the pill bug is that it has seven legs on each side of its body so in total it has 14 legs.

Videos of the Pill Bug:
Video 1
Video 2
The pill bug

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By Vanessa