This year I have tried to be as positive as i can, i have made many new friends which i am sure will last a lifetime or at least all throu
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gh high-school. I have also started to take up many new forms of fitness and ways to keep my body in shape, such as swimming, athletics and fitness. I am very proud of myself for doing this and having the motivation to get up in the mornings etc. to do this.

I have also strived to do my hardest in nearly every subject and try and get the best mark on any test possible. I have not always achieved this but i am still proud of myself for trying and i know that it is the best I could've done.


I am extremely proud of my achievements this year because i felt that i have really tried my hardest and it pa
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ys off as well because i can really see where i have pushed myself in some areas.

One of my greatest achievments this year was probably my english, i feel that i have really accelerated in english this year and i have got many awards to show for it as well. I am also extremely happy with my test marks in english because i haven't really done very bad in any term. Although i do think i need to read a lot more if i want to keep up my good marks.


The highlights of year 7 for me was probably getting to know everyone and just making new friends, the whole thing was just a new experience and everything was so fun. I really liked doing peer support with the year 10's because we got to know them more and it was really fun. I hope we can do it more in other years or be the leaders for younger years.


2012 - Some basic goals that i can think of now is that i would really like to improve on my maths because i was very disappointed with my yearly exam mask so getting better than maths is probably my number one goal. I would also like to keep up my good fitness, i think i can achieve this if i keep going to morning fitness and swimming etc.

I think i might try morning swimming in 2012, i am not very good at it, but i guess that would be more a reason that i should go because i would really like to get better at it.