Earwig! - by Zoe Locke

>At Kincoppal, we found them under a rock
>You can tell the females from the males by looking at the shape of their pinchers
>They can fly, but usually don’t
>They are found in the Americas, Australia, Eurasia and New Zealand
>They are nocturnal
>They hide in moist, small places like under rocks
>They moult five times before they are fully grown
>The females watch over the young until the young have moulted twice
>They are usually eaten by birds, lizards, spiders and centipedes
>They don’t transmit diseases to humans
>There pinchers are very helpful adaptations for them, and they use them for self defence
>They usually lay around 50-90 eggs
>They keep their eggs free of mould by licking them

More Earwig Facts